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Staffing News & Advice

Superior Skilled Trades is a National Skilled Trades Staffing Provider. We have a vast array of knowledge when it comes to skilled trades and staffing solutions. Below you will find some published articles and content to help answer questions you may have about skilled trades staffing.

Direct Hire

Temp-to-Hire Conversion

Someone once told me that being a recruiter is the most rewarding job in the world because every day, they get to put people to work. Furthermore, they continued, the
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Direct Hire vs Temp-to-hire vs Contract

Direct Hire vs Temp-to-Hire vs Contract

If you consider using a staffing company, you will be hit with some instant staffing lingo and can quickly get caught off guard if you aren’t ready for it. “So
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Why Using Staffing Company - Superior Skilled Trades

Why would I use a staffing company if I can post it myself?

We get this question all the time, “Why would anyone use a staffing company to fill their position needs when they can just post it themself?”. Staffing agencies are an
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